Saturday, 18 June 2011

It's finished!

My first Uni fashion project - combining my love of fashion with welding - is over! And it hasn't been easy! Still, as they say in Lithuania, "Even a pig's trotter starts as a sperm."

I took as my inspiration these lovely women, in an American shipyard in the last war. They all look so pretty and sexy but their welding gear hides it!

Now this girl looks gorgeous but you wouldn't know it under all the gear, and it hasn't really changed from all those years ago. I did consider denim - it is relatively easy to make flameproof - but it doesn't follow the shape very well - and many women welders have lovely figures too!

But although Tatiana, my model, is very lovely, the clothing makes her look like a peasant! And as the old Lithuanian proverb says, "Why should a passion flower look like a daisy?" The dress hides her lovely bosom and feminine hips.

But the challenge was to make the dress fireproof - or at least fire resistant. So eventually I came up with a blend of pure wool with Indura and Nomex. My garment covers all the areas that might be weld-spattered but is clingy and shows the body's curves. It is flexible so that when the woman walks it doesn't hinder her, and - most importantly - modest enough for no-one to know what is underneath! I'll let you boys into a little secret: most women welders are what you lads describe as 'going commando'! A weld spatter trapped in nylon panties is not good! So this is worn with a supportive Indura T-Shirt that allows flexibility for the arms but keeps certain other areas under control! Another old Lithuanian proverb: "Bunnies are born to hop, but only where the buck wants."

So here it is. I don't know what marks my Tutors will give, but it looks fabulous on Lucinda, and I hope you like it too.


  1. I like your Lithuanian proverbs

  2. Alice

    Thanks for providing the inside knowledge revelation concerning the "commando" dressing - this has cleared up a long held nagging doubt that I have had as to why female welders don't do it on a windy day.

    Best of luck with the new range - I shall be scanning the pages of the Machine Mart catalogue to see whether you have made it big!

    xs N

  3. HI Alice, My name is Mary and I am writing on behalf of Blacksmith Doris which is a blacksmithing group for women based in Australia. Good luck with your studies. I have just found your blog and love the idea behind it. I would love to use the image of Lucinda wearing your garment on our blog, please. I won't unless you agree.
    Kind Regards
    Mary Hackett