Saturday, 30 April 2011


I watched Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine's wedding all day yesterday - she looked so gorgeous! I hope one day that I can design a dress like Sarah Burton produced for her. That heavenly, floaty silk - alas for us welder women, silk has terrible fire-resistance so we won't be wearing that at work any time soon! Perhaps, as they often wore silk gloves, scarves and underwear, that is why so may airmen suffered bad burns in WW2?

My inspiration for my final project this term has to be something else: maybe this outfit from American shipyards in the mid 1940s. Isn't she just the prettiest girl? She looks so gamine - like Audrey Hepburn who I am sure would have made a very good welder!

So I am concentrating on a very functional front, in crotcheted Nomex, with a sexy and revealing back so that, if all the women are sat in a row - like on a production line - the managers will know that they are women and be nice to them!


  1. can you crochet with Nomex?

  2. I love that image - and your ideas!

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