Thursday, 21 April 2011

I can't believe it is over SIX MONTHS since I last posted! In that time, I have been so busy studying for my first year on the Fashion Design degree. Now I am moving into term three, and I have to complete a design project. I am really inspired by these young girls (but I think there is a boy at the back) who are studying welding at Bracknell and Wokingham College - and so were the company 3M, who donated some very fashionable welding masks to them!

They are very nice, but I think I would like to do something more radical - the masks are just men's ones painted with pretty graphics. I am very impressed with this site, who offer some very fashionable T-shirts and this rather nice apron:

I think my project might be for a welder's maxi-skirt, crotcheted in something like Nomex or Proban, and made very feminine by a slash back seam showing a glimpse of thigh - with proper flame resistant stockings of course. Welders need to be protected at the front but can still have sexy rears!


  1. Alice

    You want a sort of pair of nomex chaps with asbestos crotch?


  2. I was thinking of something crotchless! Ooooh....aren't we naughty!!