Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A new welding heroine

My all-time heroine used to be Julie Dean, Nicaragua's most famous welder (you can read about her HERE). But recently I was on holiday in Norfolk, and needing some welding rods I called in by chance to the marvellous store, Thomas B Bonnett, aka 'East Anglia's Aladdin's Cave'.

There, I overheard two young lads asking if a broken inlet pipe from their scooter could be repaired, and heard the store's owner, Mrs Janet Stocking, patiently explaining the difficulties. She said that she had a new TIG Welder, and had been practising on it, but wasn't confident that she could weld such a tiny tube. My heart went out to her, because I know she was just dying to get welding, but wasn't confident of the result**. I thought she was wonderful (and her shop is fantastic!) so she is my new heroine.

** I wouldn't have welded it anyway - I would have aluminium-brazed it. Or used epoxy resin.

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